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The Christian gospel tracts about God, Jesus Christ and YOU

Have you ever asked yourself this question:
"Who am I, and what am I actually doing here?"

Do you know God?

If not, give Him a chance!
For only then, you will be able to answer this question and know who you actually are.

Do you want to know how God really sees you and experience what He thinks about you?


How often have people said to you, “YOU ARE…” and then finished the sentence with a curse word or something negative? And as a result, how long did you then feel bad about yourself and have to fight against the negative feelings that it caused?

Our tongue can make a difference between life and death. That is what the Bible says. One “YOU ARE…,” with a few negative words attached, can act as a curse.

On the other hand, one “YOU ARE…” from our heavenly Father is a blessing, for which there is no comparison. God loves you. He wants you to form a “sense of awareness” with Him, which is grounded in Jesus Christ and will last forever. Nothing and no one in this world will be able to take this from you. .

He wants you to know who YOU ARE!

This tract is supposed to help you realize that God is alive, that He loves you, and that He wants to work in your life.


Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished.” This means that nothing was left out. God has now made everything available. In the living Jesus Christ today, we have everything that we need for life, because it is in Jesus Christ that we have God. It is the greatest gift, because God has given Himself to us. Now, of what use are the contents of a package if I refuse to take it from the delivery man and confirm its receipt with a signature? NOTHING!

That is exactly how it is with the greatest gift of all time: I must take the package (Jesus Christ) and confirm its receipt with my signature (with my identity, with my life) in order that the contents (everything that God has prepared for me) can now be of use.

This is like a give-and-take exchange. Jesus gave His life for me. And if I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord, I will then give HIM my life in return. This does not mean that I die a physical death on the spot. Instead, it means that from this point forward, it is no longer I who, of my free will, determines the course of my life, but rather Jesus Christ, through His Word and through the Holy Spirit. It is always interesting to hear from people, who have dared to take this step and then after some time say, “Man, only now do I understand what the meaning of life is. Only now do I live. In previous years, I may have been functioning physically, but in reality I was dead.” They are right. Because eternal life means “KNOWING GOD.” However, the only way to get there is through Jesus Christ.

Do you want to know God?

In these days we now see the world transforming into that which Jesus had already prophetically described in the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24), namely, earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, wars, pestilence, etc. Especially today we should return to God, because we can no longer deny that HE and His word are right. For too long we have ignored Him by intellectually and scientifically explaining Him away and thereby declaring Him dead.

But just because I don’t believe in the wind, because I can’t see it, doesn’t mean that the wind ceases to exist. Correct? It’s the same with God. He doesn’t exist simply because you don’t believe in Him? For example, I can’t measure the temperature of my child with a manometer. Why not? Because it’s the wrong instrument! In like manner, I cannot see GOD with my physical eyes because they are the wrong instrument.

The Bible says that God looks at the heart. For this reason I should also look to HIM with my heart, because it is only through this way that I can see Him. When we see trees bending in the wind, we know that wind exists. Likewise, through the life of a true Christian, one should be able to recognize that God exists.

To turn to God means: TO REPENT!

Even though this word may sound a bit archaic, it still makes clear that eternal life doesn’t fall into our lap unless we take that one simple step. To repent means: ADMITTING THAT GOD IS RIGHT!

Hence, from this point forward, it no longer matters what I consider or think is right but rather what God has determined to be right. For not everything that feels good is right. Correct? Above all, our own thoughts, as the Apostle Paul already wrote, are a giant battlefield (as everyone knows) and should be submitted before God for His approval and correction. For those very thoughts that I allow lead to thought patterns, which in turn lead to actions. And it is in this manner that my soul and character are formed. Simply put: Only that which I allow in is then truly inside of me – and, hence, only that can come out or be reflected in me.

Furthermore, all that which we see and hear in the media and that which was instilled in us as normal and proper since childhood should all be tested against the Word of God. And truth itself, God shares with us through His Word and through the Holy Spirit. This also includes things from Him that I cannot yet understand or see, for that is exactly what FAITH means: Trusting that which God has spoken, even though I cannot see it yet.

Trust in God’s promises, even though you haven’t seen them (come to fulfilment) yet.

We can and should – with all assurance – trust and believe God’s promises, even though they have yet to come into view. For there is one thing that God cannot and never will do: God cannot LIE!

When you take heart and begin to believe in God through the Lord Jesus Christ – in that you turn to Him, listen to His words, and do His will – many things will then become visible in your life which you now cannot see. It will be learning-by-doing.

First believe, and then understand – not the other way around.

God says:
Whoever seeks me with all his heart, he will find me.

An evangelistic tract:
The booklet “YOU ARE” is an evangelistic tract, which explains to the reader the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically, it places an emphasis on recognizing and living the identity that we have in Christ. It is very suitable for evangelism and missions. It also helps believing Christians to find or regain the “right perspective.”

Sadly, some Christians – still in search of recognition, appreciation, security and assurance – continue to walk right into the sin’s trap and as a result suffer from emotional wounds, depression, self-condemnation, guilt feelings and other symptoms of deprivation. This tract should help them to recognize how God really sees us, so that we might learn to live out of the abundance that we have in Jesus Christ. Time and again, the reader will find personal and beneficial words from the loving Father, which are edifying, comforting and eternal.

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In order that the message in this booklet will be widely distributed, you may order this tract in printed version, so that you can give it to people in your family, in your school, in your church, or to your work colleagues and your neighbors. Perhaps you may wish to take this booklet onto the street, give it away, and simply tell people who they really are, who Jesus Christ is, and how God truly sees them and loves them.

9.8 x 9.8 cm
60 pages
135 g glossy

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